Infusing grandeur into otherwise drab Mondays with five things/ideas/events for the week:

I.  One of my favorite lines from Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables series perfectly sums up my feelings on our recent transition to fall, “September slipped by into a gold and crimson graciousness of October.” I carried this sentiment over to my decor for an anniversary party over the weekend. Initially feeling a navy and hunter green palette, I made a last minute decision to throw orange into the mix in honor of the changing seasons. I’m not typically a huge fan of the color (unless it’s the hue of a brown ribbon tied box), but it complimented the shades of blue so beautifully that I have committed myself to employing it the rest of the season. To carry the autumnal vibe over to your dining room, mix three floral types in different shades of orange with lots of lush green (I used tulips, dahlias, and garden roses). Fresh branches in a sturdy vase bring an element of hi-low, and sheepskins (Costco and Ikea have real and faux options) over dining chairs are an inviting texture that you can keep through winter.

II.  Speaking of the anniversary party, the client is a huge fan of swing music, which prompted me to hire a band I’ve been eyeing for ages. The Magnolia Jazz Band (we used three members, but they have up to six) truly made the evening magical. The event was held at Firehouse 8 - a stunning backdrop to anything you can imagine, but lending intimacy to the space is always a challenge. I can’t speak highly enough of the musicians, who aced everything from My Funny Valentine to Fly Me to the Moon, and will definitely be hiring them again as soon as possible. With holiday parties coming up, you better book them fast before I steal away all of their upcoming engagements!

III.  Since you can’t have October without an inordinate amount of pumpkin, I’m spending the evening making my Pumpkin Spice Whoopie Pies with Brown Butter Cream Cheese Filling. These are as easy to make as cookies, and a billion times more decadent (especially when paired with an adorable glass of milk/striped paper straw combo). Serve the dessert post-dinner or store in the fridge packed in parchment paper to send to school with your kiddos. 

IV.  Confession: I’m a home decorating addict. No matter how many times I’ve declared that there isn’t possibly anything more that I can do to my tiny apartment, I always find a way to redecorate. The latest upheaval is my closet door. I recently came across a comprehensive list of every creative way you can revamp the interior doors in your home, and upon review an idea from One Kings Lane was the easiest to execute. Simply attach plastic ceiling medallions and door knobs (lion’s head knockers would also be amazing) to your doors, and paint. Completely striking results with minimal DIY work.

V.  I’m sad, albeit not completely surprised, to report that Blake Lively is shuttering her blog and company Preserve. Lucky for us, this means that the entire sale section (apparel, housewares, jewelry, and baby knickknacks) is an additional 60% off with the code EXTRA60OFF. While browsing through Blake’s curated selections, I can’t help remembering Stephen Colbert’s brilliant roast of celebrity lifestyle sites, where “conversations that begin with a warm handshake between equals end with the three-digit code on the back of your credit card.”  

Have  wonderful week!  xx tt