Infusing grandeur into otherwise drab Mondays with five things/ideas/events for the week: 

I.  With Fall just around the corner, I have moody hues on the brain. Our weather is finally catching up with the season in San Francisco, sweltering sunshine-filled days were replaced by a thick blanket of fog over the weekend, and my decor is turning from tropical greens and bright pinks to rustic foliage and darker jewel tones. Recreating my new dining room table arrangement is easier than you might imagine. These florals are all from Safeway (you have to hunt a little harder, but typically you can find high quality flowers among the more basic blooms). For colors, I went with a complimentary palette of blood red and bright purple. For texture, I chose four different types of flowers (spray roses, tulips, mums, and foxtail lilies) plus stock greens. Arrange the greens first as a foundation for your arrangement, then place the rest of the flowers in your vase from largest to smallest (this prevents the more delicate flowers from becoming lost in the arrangement). Voila! Impromptu dinner party ready.

II.  Speaking of dinner parties, they’re never far from my mind. Holiday season is weeks away, which means that I’m in hyper-drive planning everything from intimate Sunday family dinners (both nuclear and friends who might as well be family) to the massive Thanksgiving we put on at my mom’s every year. As someone who prides myself on mastering the meticulous details of home entertaining, I was stunned to realize that I don’t have cloth cocktail napkins. Thankfully, Lettermade came to my rescue with their adorable line of table linens. I’m in love with all of their pieces, particularly the Virginia monogram and the Leopard Sorbet set. Perfect for hostess gifts!

III.  Admittedly, I’m the obnoxious friend who buys a round of shots for everyone and forces you to take it at some point during an evening out. “That was the best idea ever” quickly turns into “I can’t believe I let you talk me into shots again” by the next morning. (What can I say, at least it’s always a fun night with lots of stories for brunch recap). My shot du jour is Fernet (an Italian amaro with a bitter spiced taste, described by those with less refined palates as “black licorice mouthwash”). I just can’t get enough, which is why I was extra excited to find a Fernet Lollipop recipe this morning. The lollies taste like caramel with a hint of citrus and mint, which makes them the perfect gateway party treat for your friends who are more reticent to jump on the Fernet bandwagon. 

IV.  All summer long, I’ve been a complete sucker for al fresco dining - what’s better than a Swan’s crab salad served poolside with brut rose and sunscreen? But as the barometer drops, I’m craving cozy evenings spent under a pendleton plaid throw with comfort food. Toad in a Hole sandwiches are the very definition of comfort food with a decadent combination of ooey gooey melted cheese, thick-sliced bread, all the butter in your refrigerator, and a runny egg for good measure. All I can say is, thank god bikini season is over…

V.  I hope you will join me for an evening of craft cocktails at Jones’ rooftop bar on Tuesday, September 29th from 6-8PM, as we announce the next season of exhibitions and ArtPoint programs at the de Young and Legion of Honor (including our Oscar de la Renta Gala chaired by yours truly in May). This is the perfect place to gather for a night of incredible drinks, food, and music under the stars (think a New York bar in the heart of San Francisco). Can’t wait to see all of your beautiful faces there. Please RSVP.

Have a wonderful week!  xx tt