Infusing grandeur into otherwise drab Mondays with five things/ideas/events for the week:

I.  While it seems that everyone I know is either in Paris or planning a trip there, I’m left daydreaming about the city of lights stuck at home this summer. Knowing that I lived in France as a high school student, friends often ask for recommendations. I always refer them to this phenomenal Conde Nast Traveler article, which gives options for both three hours and three days in Paris - divided categorically by where to eat, shop, and play. If, like me, you’re vacationing locally this season, Vogue offers a way to bring Paris to you via this darling article on how to pack for weekend trips like a Parisian. My Tahoe, Napa, and Capitola outfits are perfected and ready to go!

II.  I’m completely in love with the Aestate’s Banana Leaf prints. Inspired by the Martinique wallpaper in the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel, the series captures the essence of relaxed glamour. The inexpensive pieces will freshen up your decor without stretching your budget. But, if you’re feeling especially grandiose, order an oversized tapestry version of the print and frame it (as seen here). I can’t wait for the three that I ordered for my hallway (versions I, III, and IV) to arrive. Tip: add your personal touch by designing custom framing for your pieces from Frames by Mail.

III. The infamous San Francisco June Gloom finally gave way to sunshine this morning, motivating me to plan an asado (fancy for barbecue) chez moi this evening. Craving deviled eggs since my dinner last night at Marlowe, I decided to rework my Park Tavern version by pickling the eggs with beets. The pickling adds a refreshing tart flavor and the beets turn the eggs a gorgeous shade of pink. I’ll leave out the jalapenos and incorporate the bacon into the yolk mixture to simplify the aesthetic and highlight the new flavor combination.  

IV.  Speaking of pink dye, my latest obsession in interior design is the overdyed rug. I recently visited a client who swapped out the trendy ikat rug I picked for her predominantly blue family room for a softer overdyed pink version. The colors play beautifully off of each other and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since. After doing a little research, I found that the rug also comes in shocking shades of yellow, orange, blue, and violet. Decisions, decisions…

V.  Last year, when I was on the MOMA Modern Ball planning committee, the younger among us convinced the powers that be to dedicate an entire section of the party to Silent Disco. The individual headphones, all playing the same set by a DJ, were ideal for the tented outdoor space because revelers were able dance under the stars without violating noise ordinances. I’m thrilled to see that the city is taking heed of the new trend in music, and providing free sets at the reopening of Dolores Park’s northside on June 18th. Reserve a pair today and come celebrate the start of summer!

Have a wonderful week!  xx tt