Infusing grandeur into otherwise drab Mondays with five things/ideas/events for the week:

I.  Today I had one of those deliciously long lunches that make work-days so much more tolerable. A very dear girlfriend, who moved away a few years ago, was visiting and suggested we indulge in Pizzetta 211. Not one to decline woodfired carbs and fromage, I carefully surveyed the menu online and pored over every Yelp photo before arriving. We ordered two of the chef’s creations (farm egg, asparagus, roasted mushrooms, garlic confit, and greyere + san marzano, mascarpone, arugula, and olio verde). Over our pizzas and bubbles, we shared secrets, laughed, reminisced, and vowed to see each other more often despite the distance. It couldn’t have been more perfect. If you haven’t been to the Sea Cliff establishement, go immediately. The restaurant makes up for the tiny interior by offering blankets and vino while you wait for a table outside. And if you can’t make it to SF, recreate the pizzas at home by grilling homemade or store-bought dough on a barbecue before adding toppings and baking on your oven’s highest setting (ideally around 500 degrees).

II.  Let’s face it, no matter how annoyingly perfect you are, pizza and bikinis are mutually exclusive. Nevertheless, I didn’t let this stop me from perusing the new additions to Shopbop’s swimwear section this afternoon. Admittedly, I’m not the most sartorial of my friends - I tend to find something I like and buy a dozen versions of it rather than take fashion risks - but there doesn’t appear to be a major swimwear trend this season. Literally, the only suit I considered adding to my cart was this Kate Spade striped combo. That said, I’m absolutely in love with it. The clean lines and classic print mean that this will become a staple in my Tahoe wardrobe, and the gold zippered back is perfectly Madonna circa 1985 Desperately Seeking Susan (and who doesn’t love a good 80′s look).

III.  Speaking of stripes, have you ever seen anything more perfect than these gray striped sconces with brass hardware?! If I didn’t have the urge to renovate my tiny Marina bathroom before, I certainly do now. Even with some of my client’s seemingly unlimited budgets, it’s often difficult to find contemporary lighting. Restoration Hardware is a great go-to (find affordable options at Baby & Child Restoration Hardware and great knock-offs at Home Depot), but I’ve never seen anything quite like the pieces from School House Electric. Check out the beautiful boutique and you’ll soon be planning your bathroom overhaul too!

IV. Last week, I picked up two dozen of the most perfect pink peonies and placed them everywhere from my coffee table to my new armchair side tables. I posted this pic on Facebook to show off my buds, and received several inquiries about the other pieces in the shot. Naturally, I decided to share with all of you: candle, gold/pink cage lamp, skull, white-washed wood vase, and mirrored table - plus a plethora of books, all from Amazon.

V.  Clearly I’m on an interior design kick today. I’m blaming it on the cusp of summer (which obviously requires bright new additions to your aesthetic). Dining room chairs are difficult to update because they are both pricey and typically unattractive. Luckily, you can solve both of these dilemmas by snapping up a set of wicker chairs from the local flea market and a few shades of your favorite color in high-gloss spraypaint. Voila, gorgeous new chairs! I’m completely obsessed.

Have a wonderful week!  xx tt