Infusing grandeur into otherwise drab Mondays with five things/ideas/events for the week:

I.  As a caterer, I’ve discovered that the most requested entree is salmon. While I have nothing against the fish, it’s not a particularly memorable dish. Even if a marinade or sauce is on-point, the fact that the accompanying slab of salmon looks like every other slab you’ve ever seen from Tadich Grill to United is less than appealing. To remedy this, I add a T&T touch by creating medallions - and it couldn’t be easier to replicate in your own kitchen. Instructions: get a long slice of salmon from the fish counter (around three-inches thick and six-inches long), cut a foot-long piece of butcher string, roll the salmon starting with the thick end first, then secure it by tying the string around the middle. Cover a in marinade of your choice, and bake at 450 degrees for fifteen minutes. Remove from oven, carefully cut and discard string, serve over vegetables or grains. So easy, so glam.

II.  Last night, I put on a spring tasting dinner. To compliment the fresh flavors, I opted to skip traditional florals in favor of potted plants from Sloat Gardens - Preserved Boxwood, Kimberly Queen Ferns, and English Ivy. Always a fan of a metallic element, I spray-painted a pineapple gold and affixed these darling stickers to black chalkboard placecards. The gold played beautifully off the natural greens, and guests loved the different take on a tablescape. An added bonus - my apartment now has new lush plants on every surface.

III.  Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of coordinating a gorgeous wedding at the Hillsborough Racket Club. The cake was dropped off just as the florist was leaving, so the edible flowers that were supposed to be put on the cake were forgotten. Luckily, the entire venue was filled with gigantic arrangements, so I was able to steal a dozen roses and a handful of lisianthus to arrange on the cake. My panic quickly gave way once I realized the striking beauty that the fresh flowers added. Now I’m inspired to recommend the look to all of my brides. Similar ideas, that would be equally exquisite, are rosemary, grape vines, and succulents.

IV.  Speaking of weddings, the couples’ website is an important component that is often overlooked. For those wanting more than the standard Knot page, there haven’t been many legit options short of hiring a coder. Until now. Riley & Grey offers lovely limited edition templates with custom domain names, an RSVP gathering tool, and an automatically generated Instagram gallery from your wedding’s hashstag. I can’t wait to see all of the luxe designs the company comes up with. My current favorite is the soft Watercolor option. 

V.  A simple motto that I use for interior design is, “Classic lines, layered patterns, pops of color, and something weird.” Typically, it’s easy for people to find a few furniture pieces that they love and then incorporate their favorite colors. What’s harder is taking that aesthetic to another level. Instead of hiring a designer to provide finishing touches, use my two tricks: (1) Repeat the colors you’ve picked in different patterns/textures - for example, if your home is primarily blue and white, incorporate ikat, agate, toile, stripes, seersucker, chintzstars, lacquer, and velvet with a pop of pink or orange to break up the monotony. (2) Acquire something unexpected with a little shock value to differentiate your home from everyone else’s. This shark jaw from Williams-Sonoma Home, Kiki’s Derriere from Jonathan Adler, and Saints Hand from Kelly Wearstler are perfect examples of pieces that will add depth to your design.

Have a wonderful week!  xx tt