Infusing grandeur into otherwise drab Monday mornings with five things/ideas/events for the week:

I.  In the last week, I've received a plethora of frantic texts from friends begging for easy appetizer recipes for holiday parties.  My go-to recipes are Park Tavern Deviled Eggs and Baked Crab Rangoons.  While rangoons are traditionally fried, these tiny treats are every bit as delicious, and much healthier.  Even better, they take about twenty minutes to put together start-to-finish!

II.  If you’re lucky enough to spend chilly winter evenings by your fireplace with a glass of Pinot and your favorite book, you simply must indulge in one of these iron log holders.  Simple, yet more stylish than traditional wood baskets, the iron structure will add both eye-candy and functionality to your living room.

III.  While we’re staying cozy by the fire, indulge in a cup of tea via this adorable white birch tea pot. Local designer, Josie of Fourth & Clay, has been featured in fabulous stores like San Francisco’s legendary Gump’s.  I love the rustic flavor of the designer’s pottery, and plan to pick up a few pieces for gifts this season.    

IV.  With holiday party invitations steadily rolling in, I’m faced with the age-old dilemma of having absolutely nothing to wear.  Rather than buy one or two versatile dresses that will be long forgotten about by next year, I’m taking advantage of Rent the Runway’s 20% off everything Cyber Monday deal today and placing rental orders for my upcoming fetes.  This playful puff-skirt frock by Allison Parris is already in my cart! 

V.  One of the events that I will be renting something pretty for is the annual Guardsmen Tree Lot Party on December 21st.  What could be better than imbibing eggnog martinis amongst Christmas trees, hot boys in coveralls, and millions of twinkle lights all the name of charity?!  This party never fails to sell-out, so pick up your tickets ASAP!

Have a wonderful week!  xx tt