Infusing grandeur into otherwise drab Monday mornings with five things/ideas/events for the week:


I. While I was picking up a hostess gift at Jonathan Adler yesterday, this match strike caught my eye.  Match strikes aren’t something that I see often, so I was intrigued.  They are the perfect objets d'art for your coffee table, and the boombox shape of this particular piece makes it extra rad!


II.  I was a bridesmaid in my college roommate’s wedding over the weekend at a ranch in Calistoga, and one of the highlights was the delicious food!  To compliment the rustic aesthetic, the bride chose served barbecue for the reception dinner.  Fancier than your typical burgers and baked beans, Charlie’s BBQ expertly grilled portobello mushrooms, chicken breasts, tri tip, and my favorite - pulled pork with brie and fresh pear.  Check them out for your next party!

III.  While we’re talking about weddings, I recently found this cheeky alternative to the traditional wedding program.  Filled with random facts about the couple and funny jokes, the guide is a darling idea to keep your guests entertained (and still focused on you) while making your vows.


IV.  With autumn around the corner, I’m contemplating my favorite Fall flavors - and nothing defines the season quite like cinnamon.  First on my “To Make” list are these Dulce de Leche filled Cinnamon Cupcakes with mini-churro toppings.

V.  Last week, I spent a couple of hours perusing the internet for interesting art prints for my hallway.  I fell in love with this collection by Nature’s My Friend, and ordered a hand-printed etching of a black crow skeleton.  I plan to use oversize matting to make a bigger statement and frame it in something unique, like this wood piece from Aaron Brothers.

Have a wonderful week!!  xx tt