Infusing grandeur into otherwise drab Monday mornings with five things/ideas/events for the week:

I.  One of my absolute favorite bloggers, Daily Cup of Couture, launched a new section on her site today that allows you to purchase all of the beautiful pieces she is coveting.  Check out the perfectly edited collection, and if you aren’t already following this style goddess, do so immediately!

II.  I found such a fun gift idea for the foodie in your life at Williams-Sonoma over the weekend - DIY cheese kits.  Making cheese from scratch is an intimidating process, but the results are well worth the effort.  These kits take out all of the guess work, and provide the same fresh taste.

III.  A big crew of my friends who opted to stay in the city for Labor Day decided to throw together a last minute barbecue   Tasked with helping in the kitchen, I’m going to make these bittersweet bourbon brownies the night before so that I have time to make savory dishes day-of.  

IV.  The San Francisco Symphony and Opera opening night galas are next week!  Affectionately known is “Hell Week” - this is my favorite time of the year (second to Christmas).  I hope that you will join me in donning your best black tie, enjoying an amazing performance by the symphony with five-time Tony Award winner Audra McDonald (of Private Practice fame), and dancing under the stars on Grove Street at the afterparty.  Purchase tickets here!

V.  Living in San Francisco affords many unique opportunities - breathtaking views, delicious food, gorgeous hiking trails, amazing people… Unfortunately, space is the trade-off.  With my birthday coming up, I asked my parents for a beach cruiser, but immediately realized that I have nowhere to store it.  After a little research, I found this awesome oak bike hanger.  Problem solved!