Infusing grandeur into otherwise drab Monday mornings with five things/ideas/events for the week:

I.  Recently, I’ve decided to learn physics.  I always regretted that I didn’t take the subject in school, and often wondered how the universe works. To remedy this, I started with the book Physics for Future Presidents (basically physics without math) and now I can’t get enough!  My new-found interest is spilling over into my decor with this wall decal.  If science isn’t your cup of tea, there are many other options, ranging from Matisse to ACDC, to choose from at this darling Etsy store.

II.  While perusing wall decals, I stumbled upon this ridiculously cool clutch made out of Legos.  I opted for a more mellow version from the collection, but for those of you who are braver with your fashion choices, check out the playful multi-color clutches like this one!

III.  Typical of summer in San Francisco, the weather has been less than stellar the past few days. Cooler temperatures always make me crave comfort food, but the fact that it’s still bikini season eliminates most options.  As a compromise, I’ll be making this puff pastry pear salad, which is only slightly naughty and completely delicious.

IV.  One of my favorite LA restaurants, Farmshop, recently opened a second location in Marin. Take the ferry over to Larkspur for dinner - the crispy artichokes with burrata, avocado hummus, and poppyseed meringue are my top picks.

V.  Take advantage of my favorite summer wine - rose, by trying out these clever wine cocktails.  The basil lemonade concoction looks like the perfect addition to your barbecue menu.

Have a wonderful week!!  xx tt