Infusing grandeur into otherwise drab Monday mornings with five things/ideas/events for the week:


I.  This week, I’m craving Town Hall’s infamous butterscotch pot de creme.  Lacking the time to get down to the much lauded restaurant, I will be making my version of the decadent chocolate/caramel combo for dessert tonight instead.


II.  I am recently obsessed with the Etsy vendor who creates these stylish nautical-themed cards.  The anchor stationary set, hand-embossed with a monogram, caught my attention.  I ordered a pack for my favorite sailor as a thank you gift for a jaunt on her boat.   

III.  Anytime a girl receives flowers at work is cause for celebration - but when said flowers come from In Water the excitement is instantly amplified.  The florist combines a signature banana-leaf wrapped vase with exotic floral elements to create the chicest arrangements in San Francisco.       image

IV.  Luxe dishware to help you maintain healthy portions?  Yes, please!!  Slim & Sage, the masterminds behind this Hermes-esque plate, employed nutrition data from the Mayo Clinic to create an “optimized” (divided into three parts - ¼ whole grains, ¼ lean protein, 1/2 vegetables) 9-inch plate that promises to reduce your calorie-intake by 59%, when compared to traditional 12-inch dinner plates.  Sign me up!

V.  Unable to sleep yesterday, I decided to walk down to the Embarcadero to watch the sunrise.  After taking in the stunning view, I popped into The Plant for breakfast. Tip: they open at 7:30AM, even on the weekends - try their delicious acai bowl!  

Have a wonderful week!!  xx tt