Infusing grandeur into otherwise drab Monday mornings with five things/ideas/events for the week:


I.  My latest party store discovery, Luna Bazaar, offers these whimsical honeycomb globes in every color imaginable.  At less than five dollars per globe, you simply must include them in your next fete!

II.  Indulge in these charming blueberry cupcakes with lemon cream cheese frosting this week!  Roasting the blueberries before incorporating them into the cake batter adds complexity to an otherwise standard cupcake while creating a playful periwinkle hue.

III.  My darling friend Shelby made homemade vanilla extract for all of her friends over the holidays.  This is the perfect hostess gift!  Make your own batch: combine 10-ounces vanilla beans (Vanilla Saffron Imports offers a pound for $20) with 10 cups of vodka in large mason jars.  Shake the jars vigorously and then store in a dark place for six months, shaking daily for the first two weeks.  After six months, strain out the seeds in a coffee filter and enjoy!  


IV.  The one item on my Christmas Wish List that I was pining for and didn't receive was a Jambox.  This turned out to be serendipitous because I was able to treat myself to a custom color combination of shiny white and gold instead of boring black.  With no cords to hassle with and the ability to play songs from your iPhone via Bluetooth, this little box is a life-changer!

V.  I parted with most of my Ikea furniture the day I graduated from college, but the one piece that I can’t seem to shake is this white dresser.  Over the weekend I decided to update the decade-old piece with these ornamental lion head drawer pulls.  The entire process cost $25 and took fifteen minutes.  I am completely in love with the new look.

Have a wonderful week!!  xx tt