Infusing grandeur into otherwise drab Monday mornings with five things/ideas/events for the week:

I.  My friends gave me these porcelain heroic horns from Jonathan Adler for my birthday.  I love that they are unusual, yet manage to fit in flawlessly with the rest of my interior design.  

II.  Over the weekend I signed up for the Cultivar Wine Club, which is one of my absolute favorites in the Valley.  The 2009 Spring Mountain District Cabernet Sauvignon is unparalleled. The breathtaking vineyard overlooks Napa, and club members are often invited to parties at the estate.

III.  This cinnamon honey ice cream is the perfect icy sweet treat to make this week!  The rich velvety texture of the custard base pairs beautifully with the floral honey and spicy cinnamon.   

IV.  My friend Leah, an art consultant in New York, recently launched a website exploring contemporary fine art.  Check out her posts to learn more about the latest trends and emerging artists!  

V.  When preparing a cheese plate for a party with my girlfriends, I came across this fantastic guide to cheese, authored by the people behind Cowgirl Creamery.  I had no idea that their much lauded Red Hawk is considered a good dessert cheese!

Have a wonderful week!  xx tt