In an era where every recipe imaginable is readily available via the internet, it is a sweet surprise to receive a recipe recommendation from someone who you actually know.  While reading comments or blogs about how fabulous a dish is may do the trick, nothing inspires confidence quite like a rave review from a confidant.

On a recent wintery evening, a friend posted a scrumptious photograph of freshly baked apples topped with oatmeal crumble on Facebook.  I immediately pinged her for the recipe.  By the time she replied it was nearly midnight, but that didn’t stop me from pulling on my rainboots and traversing the five blocks between my apartment and Safeway to purchase the ingredients.

Though the recipe appeared perfect as-is, I couldn’t help tinkering.  My favorite flavor to pair with apple is honey, which I drizzled over the mixture pre-bake.  And as I may have mentioned on occasion, bourbon is my elixir – so I added that too.  The combination of tart apple, sugared oats, sticky honey, and smoky bourbon held together by melted butter is irresistible.  Even better, it takes less than five minutes to prep the apples before you put them in the oven.  This means that you could make them every single day!  (Something that I am unapologetically guilty of).  xx tt


t+tTIP: sip this apple-infused cocktail while devouring your baked apples.  Simply mix together equal parts champagne and apple cider, then top with a splash of dark rum!