Infusing grandeur into otherwise drab Monday mornings with five things/ideas/events for the week:

I. Outrageously beautiful parrot tulips I received as a hostess gift. Recreate it with two dozen yellow, pink, and white tulips - or use my favorite florist In Water to brighten someone’s day.

II.  One Hope Wine is teaming with acclaimed private chef Scott Spencer to host a dinner at my home Friday. One Hope donates half of every bottle sold to charity - and what’s better than eating and drinking for a cause? Instead of slaving in the kitchen, hire Scott for your next dinner party.   

III. My best friend sparkled in Erin Fetherston from Rent the Runway on her birthday. Take advantage of RTR’s $25 offer for an extra dress! Fun fact: Ms. Fetherston is a Bay Area native.

IV. Chocolate cupcakes with mint frosting and Andes topping. Keep it easy: use box-cake and replace water with rum for chocolate or gin for vanilla/lemon/spice cakes for homemade taste.

V. Make your Halloween treats extra-special by concealing them in these clever pinata cookies.  Swap the donkey cookie-cutter for a pumpkin.  Or perhaps a Tiger.  Congrats, Giants!  xx tt