In the weeks prior to major events – galas, birthdays, Tahoe boating weekends, etc. – my friends and I abstain from most enjoyable foods.  No carbs, no sugar, no fruit, no cheese, no fat, no fun.  Adding insult to injury, we torture ourselves by fantasizing about the naughty foods that we will indulge in post-party: Gordo’s quesadillas oozing with melted cheese, Balboa burgers on baguettes, and Wok Shop crab rangoons top the list. 

This summer has already been particularly brutal.  Between the Masked Ball and multiple tropical wedding weekends requiring perfect bikini-ready physiques, our diets and consequent food reveries have reached new heights.  

All of this daydreaming inspired me to concoct something deliciously mischievous that I can make myself – thereby satisfying two indulgences, eating and cooking.  The two primary ingredients were a no-brainer: chicken and Tabasco.  If you’ve been following Table + Teaspoon, you are well aware that roast chicken is my culinary go-to, and I am a sucker for spice.

By mixing mayonnaise with Tabasco, and adding pulled chicken, pepperjack cheese (more spice please!), and avocado to rustic sourdough bread I created the perfect DIY post-starvation fare.  It looks like my friends and I will have something new to fantasize about.  xx tt

recipe BOX: Spicy Pulled Chicken Sandwich


·  1 roast chicken (this recipe is simplified by using a store-bought roast chicken from Whole Foods, Mollie Stones, or Safeway).  For the purists out there, you may roast your own whole chicken or chicken breasts by following these recipes (click on the bolded word):

- Breasts (if you like white meat only)

- Whole Chicken (minus lemons, onions, and wine)

·  Pepperjack cheese

·  Sliced sourdough bread

·  1/4 cup mayonnaise

·  2 tablespoons Tabasco

·  Avocado (I prefer my sandwich sans warm avocado, but most of my taste-testers preferred it with avo)


·  Pull the chicken meat apart and place into a bowl

·  Slice the cheese

·  Whisk together mayonnaise and Tabasco in a bowl

·  Slice avocado

·  Pre-heat toaster oven or regular oven to 350 degrees

·  Slather both sides of the bread with the spicy mayo

·  Place chicken on one side, and cover with cheese slices

·  Place avocado (and gently mash with a fork) on the other side

·  Put each slice open faced in the toaster oven or regular oven for around five minutes (until the cheese is bubbly and slightly browned)

·  Take out, put the slices together (microwave if the cheese isn’t bubbly enough)

·  Cut in half, and serve!


t+t STYLE: once you've whittled down your waist and then indulged in one of my sandwiches, slip into Mara Hoffman’s gorgeous (and forgiving) maxi kaftan.

t+t TRAVELS: take a trip to Avery Island where you’ll be treated to a unique glimpse of Tabasco’s birth place among the marshes and bayous of Louisiana.