I culminate the Table + Teaspoon Toolbox trilogy with the “Wishlist” - those undeniably unnecessary, yet deliriously lovely delights that one can’t help but covet.  Whether you enjoy the art of grilling or a spot of afternoon tea, there is something lust-worthy here for everyone.  xx tt

Mauviel Copper Cookware Set: as all fine things are, these pots and pans are crafted with painstaking precision in France - and practically a bargain at $2,000!

La Cornue France Oven: the most aesthetically pleasing, over the top, ideal in every way, gorgeous oven in the whole wide world.  So much more chic and refined than going the standard stainless steel appliance route

Sparkling Water Maker: I am completely and hopelessly devoted to Pellegrino.  But rather than waste my fiscal and environmental resources, I have switched to making my very own with this fascinating machine

Rotisserie: I have made it very clear on this blog that no one loves roast chicken more than I do - but I never imagined that I could make a rotisserie version!  My mouth is watering at the thought of how fantastic this will make my house smell…

Whiskey Rocks: absolutely essential for whiskey and bourbon aficionados (like me).  These soapstones give your whiskey a chill, without watering down the perfect balance of flavors

Ice Cream Maker: invent luscious creations in the spirit of Bi-Rite Creamery, or recreate your childhood confections (mine is Licorice from Marianne’s in Santa Cruz)

Smoker: my favorite grill-enthusiast, Mr. Garrik Sturges, stands behind the Big Green Egg as the best barbecue tool available.  The egg is extremely versatile - serving as a grill, pizza-oven, and smoker all in one

Breville Barista Express: curb your Starbucks addiction with this home barista, including a built-in grinder, that promises bean-to-crema espresso in under sixty seconds!

Slow Juicer: extracts juice rather than grinding fruits and vegetables into liquid form, providing more actual juice, more vitamins, and more deliciousness

Deluxe Dicing Mandoline: interchanging blades allow you to quickly dice, slice, julienne, and even create your own cut (think hearts, diamonds, crinkles!)  Parfait for homemade waffle frites

Deep Fryer: for frying said frites

Popover Tin: popovers are one of my favorite things to make, either sweet or savory.  Serve them as a mind-blowingly scrumptious starter for your next dinner fete!

Crepe Maker: I’ve been addicted ever since my semester in the South of France, where my host family treated me to a crepe daily

SousVide Water Oven: a favorite of Thomas Keller’s, this device cooks fish, meat, and vegetables in vacuum sealed pouches over many hours or even days to produce mysteriously perfect flavor.  Not convinced?  Check out the New York Times coverage of the newly available oven

Wine Preservation and Serving System: for those of us who open wine bottles, and then subsequently forget about them until they’ve expired - this is a must-have.  It keeps your wine fresh for ten-days, and is perfect for single-servings

French Press: portable, self-contained, and exceedingly stylish

Pizza Stone: I am a huge fan of brick oven pizza crust, but use this as a substitute at home

Cricut Cake Decorating Machine: the ultimate for creating aesthetically professional cakes, like my perennial favorite - the Princess Cake

Silpat: nonstick mats, amazing for even heat transfer and easy cleanup 

Springform Pan: necessary for all of the cheesecake devotees out there

Kitchen Scale: for highly accurate ingredient rationing

Pasta Maker: while I fully believe that not everything has to be homemade to be delicious, pasta is one of those things that simply tastes better fresh

Meat Grinder: beside the obvious homemade sausage and hamburger - use this to turn chicken and turkey breast into healthy ground meat

Sensor Trash Bin: no more icky hand prints, or awkward foot levers!

Electric Tea Kettle: Magically, these devices boil a half-liter of water in less than sixty seconds.  They are currently all the rage - seemingly everyone has one all of a sudden, making it practically an essential!  If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, I highly recommend one