Tacos hardly cater to the discriminating palate.  In fact, I would wager that nearly everyone who tries a taco likes it.  They are extremely basic – tortilla, meat, salsa, plus your choice of beans, cheese, sour cream, etc.  Though this Mexican treat may be among your favorite indulgences (hello, Taco Bell late night drivethru!), you would never dare to serve them at a dinner party, right? 

Wrong!  Through a combination of my grandfather’s steak seasoning method and a filet mignon taco recipe from a friend, I have developed a taco so divine it is worthy of royalty (keep this in mind for when Prince William and Kate come calling).


These gourmet tacos come with elegant accoutrements – vividly green avocado, lime, salsa and cilantro, bright white Spanish onions, and refined black beans.  But the crowning joy of the recipe is the filet mignon.  While filet carries obvious distinctions, there are two things that make it particularly special here – first, the mouth-watering soy sauce + lemon pepper marinade; and second, the fact that the tender meat is easily diced so that every bite of your taco is pure perfection (i.e. you don’t want to pull out long strips of meat in your first few bites).    My only warning for serving these at your next party is to be sure that you’ve made enough… my guests went back for thirds!  xx tt

Recipe – (serves four)


·  3 filet mignon steaks

·  3 tablespoons lemon pepper

·  ½ cup soy sauce

·  1 white onion

·  1 avocado

·  4 limes

·  1 bunch cilantro

·  Green salsa (store bought)

·  1 can black beans

·  Corn tortillas (I buy green chili tortillas from Mollie Stone’s)

·  Hot sauce for serving


·  Heat the oven to 350 degrees

·  Put filet mignon, soy sauce, and lemon pepper into a plastic bag making sure that the marinade coats the steak (I refrigerated overnight, but an hour is perfectly fine)

·  Grill filet mignon to taste using an outdoor bbq or a grill pan (if using a grill pan, the secret is to place the pan over high heat on the stove for five minutes before adding the meat)

·  Place cooked meat on a plate and wrap it in aluminum foil for ten minutes

·  Dice meat on a cutting board, set aside

·  Wrap tortillas in one stack in aluminum foil, and place in oven for fifteen minutes

·  Heat black beans

·  Dice onion (putting it into the freezer for ten minutes before cutting prevents alligator tears!)

·  Slice avocado

·  Chop cilantro

·  Quarter limes

·  Place meat, beans, avocado, onions, cilantro, limes, and salsa into small serving bowls next to the warm tortillas so that your guests can make their own tacos – or assemble them yourself and serve

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