Winter is my absolute favorite season of the year.  The drop in mercury means glittering lights, dapper snowmen, lazing fireside, sledding, skiing, and of course après-skiing.  There are a plethora of cocktails to fight off the chill at the end of the day – hot toddies, Irish whiskies, mulled wine, extra-spicy bloody marys…  But without a doubt, my favorite winter libation is brandy-infused eggnog. 

Eggnog has an aristocratic heritage.  The elite beverage was born in England, where it was primarily served to the upper class due to its expensive ingredients (milk and eggs were rare commodities pre-refrigeration).  Happily, these ingredients are staples in modern society, which leaves little excuse for buying the not so fab prefab version. 

I decided to make this recipe for an annual holiday party with all of my closest friends.  To ensure that everyone had a fantastic time I had the brilliant idea of doubling the alcohol content.  The result tasted more like moonshine than eggnog… 

Fortunately, I had simple syrup on hand to rebalance the flavors.  The eggnog was a hit at the party, and made for a rambunctious, if not entirely memorable, evening.  xx tt


·  6 large organic eggs

·  ¾ cup white sugar

·  2 cups whole milk

·  3 cups heavy cream

·  ½ cup Maker’s Mark (or your choice of Whiskey/Bourbon)

·  ¼ cup Dark Rum

·  ¼ cup Cognac or Brandy

·  Freshly grated nutmeg for sprinkling (pre-grated is fine)

·  Simple Syrup to taste (if doubling alcohol)


·  Divide egg yolks from egg whites into two bowls

·  Beat egg yolks in a VERY large bowl until thick and pale

·  Slowly beat in sugar

·  Whisk in milk and two cups of the cream

·  Whisk in the alcohol (if doubling the alcohol content like I did, make sure to add simple syrup to taste)

·  Beat egg whites until stiff peaks form using a Kitchen-Aid mixer or electric beaters

·  Gently fold egg whites into eggnog mixture

·  Beat one cup of the cream into thick whipped cream using a Kitchen-Aid or electric beaters

·  Gently fold whipped cream into eggnog mixture

·  Sprinkle nutmeg on top